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Who we are 

Our company is located in Santarém Pará in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, we have experience with reforestation in already preserved areas, but this is not enough, the forest needs to be rebuilt in areas never thought of before.

When we realize that everyone is approaching to deforest, and being a child of the land, without resources and without support, we choose the path of planting.

Our main objective is to change the thinking of the population that lives here.

We know the reality of the Amazon because we live in it. Our territory is continental.

During two years of research on more than 7,000 kilometers of roads, no reforestation NGOs were found, also because their headquarters are usually 3,000 kilometers from the Amazon, and no government agency we only found destruction.

We have technical support from the Federal University of Pará, especially from the Teachers: Silmara, Roberto and Daniela, doing research for the land study courses. Forest Biodiversity Institute, which includes undergraduate courses in: Agronomy, Biotechnology, Forest Engineering, Agricultural Sciences.

We want to encourage other companies, other associations and entities, our success will reflect to the world and we are available to anyone in the Amazon and the world who wants to be part of our project, we are uniting to build a better planet.

We are not an NGO, we are a private company for sustainable development, headquartered in the Amazon.

Anderson Gama
CEO Amazon  Reforestation

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