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How to reforest the Amazon without having an area available for reforestation?

Our large-scale sustainable reforestation project aims to reforest farms that have been deforested for decades in the Amazon, but it's not just about reforestation, it's about encouraging sustainable and recurrent planting, in partnership with the Federal University of Western Pará do Brasil, we developed the research how to plant the forest again where it is now grass for cattle, corn or soybeans.

Currently, most of the land in the Amazon serves to supply meat and soy, and illegal wood to developed countries, point out the culprits don't plant trees. Our project is to plant African mahogany to encourage farmers and ranchers in the Amazon to contribute to the environment, being profitable what would boost the planting of their farms, the old livestock model used here is one hectare for raising a single ox, at the In the same place we can plant almost 2,000 trees, which grow for 16 to 20 years and then are ready to be cut, exported to Europe and the United States.

You may be wondering: So are they going to plant and then cut? Yes, in the future this model will make the consumption of reforestation wood mandatory, just reforesting with any tree without profit does not encourage the child of the farmer who grows soybeans, corn or cattle, we need to find a combination of income and planting trees, encouraging others generations to plant to help the planet, planted forests may be in the agroforestry system that is to combine mahogany with subsistence fruit species, taking care of planted forests will be a path and a vital cycle for the atmosphere, trees will be consuming greenhouse gases when they grow and the smaller ones are already growing around, this is part of the solution, however, we have thousands of hectares of land for sale in the Amazon because we have a rural real estate agency and we realized that none of our clients think about reforesting, so we stopped selling because we believe that one day we will. that's why our project was born, our intention is not to sell these lands to continue being crops or livestock, we need resources to buy more land and reforest in a sustainable and profitable way, in 20 years the effects will be that the wood consumed in the world will be planted today.

Our project will serve as an experimental campus for master's and doctoral research by students at the Federal University of Oeste do Pará, courses in Forestry Engineering, Agronomy, Biotechnology, Agrarian Sciences and other volunteers from all over the world are also welcome, encouraging environmental tourism will be promising, so planting a tree in the Amazon will be inspiring, there's still time to change the course of history, it's up to you.


We do not work for the Brazilian government, we are a private company that encourages the development of the sustainable Amazon.

Our effort goes beyond planting trees we will be sowing the economic environmental awareness of future generations.

What would never be a forest, now there is a solution.

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